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Records & Mapping

Our people in Records and Mapping work across our network to maintain network records.

In Mapping, our large team update the records generated by New Supplies teams, managing the technical aspects of mapping systems, answering customer enquiries and OS updating. Their work is essential to Western Power Distribution meeting our legal obligations and making sure our people and the public are safe when working around the network.

In Records, the team looks after New Supplies, Wayleaves, Street Works, Data Transfer Network and Unmetered Supplies, and are the first point of contact for many customers. Their work is vital to supporting engineering activities across the business. 

Joining us here offers invaluable insight into our business, real career potential and opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge. Join us in Mapping and you’ll begin with the Distribution Overview course at our Training School. Whether learning about our systems, from simple updates to the more complex, you’ll also move through teams to develop your understanding and, in Records, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the experts on your team.