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Distribution System Operator

Our people in Distribution System Operations (DSO) are looking ahead to shape the strategy that will develop our network across all voltages, efficiently, economically and in a co-ordinated way. Of course, the real challenge is to do that while meeting the needs of a low carbon economy. 

So, as well as continuing to provide an electricity network that supports maximum energy demand and generation at all times, we’re also implementing the new technology, equipment and commercial mechanisms optimise the network. 

Our teams actively blend energy management with targeted infrastructure upgrades to provide an electricity network with sufficient capacity to balance demand and generation locally. Their focus is to further improve the network’s resilience and security, facilitate competition in supply, generation and flexibility services, and to facilitate neutral markets for whole system outcomes. They also explore every opportunity to promote innovation, flexibility and non-standard solutions.

So, wherever you join us and in whatever role, you’ll find you are part of a practical yet forward-thinking team where you’ll be supported to find your feet and encouraged to realise your career potential.