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Estates & Wayleaves

Our teams in Estates & Wayleaves manage our operational property portfolio, including everything from wood poles and tower equipment, to substations and sites. They also look after the acquisition and legal security of land and managing rights over third party land essential to the network. 

Our Wayleave Specialists support local Network Services teams. Our Consents and Wayleaves Specialists work on major projects. And our Estates Surveyors manage the legal aspects of substations and sites retained for future use. 

Working at the heart of the business, our people work closely with each other and the farmers and landowners on whose land equipment is based. They take great pride in establishing and maintaining good relationships, which makes this an ideal environment for people who love working with people and who are good negotiators. 

Joining us here means enjoying a role where every day is different and dynamic, and where your professional potential is supported by structured and specialist training. Our Training School offers opportunities to achieve the highest levels of competence with mentor support, and continued professional development through technical briefings, a knowledge library, advice surgeries, and regular team dial-ins across the Estates and Wayleaves community.