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Training and development

We don’t just talk about training and development. We prioritise it and we invest in it. 

It’s essential to many of our roles, to keeping our people safe, and to meeting our regulatory responsibilities. 

It’s also key to ensuring our people enjoy progressive careers in which they can build on their strengths and realise their full potential. 

We invest so much in our dedicated operational and technical training facilities in Taunton and Tipton that the centre has developed a national reputation for excellence and often delivers training for the staff in other electricity companies. 

We also ensure that each person, every year, actively takes part in their annual performance development review. Held in a one-on-one with their line manager, it’s an invaluable opportunity to explore both training needs and development opportunities. 

Wherever possible, National Grid Electricity Distribution supports and sponsors individuals to study for professional qualifications related to their role or position in the business. 

It’s all part of our commitment to enable our people to enjoy empowering careers.