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Frequently Asked Questions

Given the scale and scope of our operations, what we do and how we do it can appear complex. So here we’ve set out to answer some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

Operational roles are safety critical and therefore it’s important that you are located close to our depots so that you can respond to emergency issues quickly. If you don’t live within the postcode perimeter for the role, we will ask you to agree to relocate into the area at your own expense. 

Please be aware that candidates who already live within the postcode perimeter will be considered first.

As part of the selection process you will be required to participate in a range of digital assessments. These assessments are in place to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Video interviews are used to evaluate skills such as problem solving, safety and communication and our gamified assessments evaluate skills such as your cognitive ability. You will be able to undertake practice assessments prior to commencing the assessment. 

If successful following your interview you will be invited to take part in a practical assessment to test your skill set against the various trades we offer. This could include a climbing assessment to assess your skills at working at height. Full information will be provided should you be required to attend a practical assessment. 

Please ensure that you advise us of any physical difficulties or personal circumstances that might impact on your attendance or participation in the assessment session so that we can consider any additional support that we may need to provide you with.

The pre-employment medical includes an alcohol and drugs test. There is a requirement for you to give a sample of urine and perform a breath test, under medical supervision.

No, our apprenticeship scheme is open to applicants of all ages, however, you do need to have reached the minimum school leaving age to apply.

Having gained operational experience in the role of Craftsperson, the opportunity may also arise, depending on the needs of the business, to develop into the role of Technician. These are staff with additional operational and safety responsibilities on the High Voltage System.

Salary is paid on 26th of each month by BACS.

Your paid annual leave entitlement will be 23 days per holiday year, to be taken by mutual agreement between yourself and your manager. This will increase to 24 days after 2 years complete service and 26 days on appointment to a Craftsperson role. Your holiday year will be based on your birth date and will run from the first day of the month in which your birth date falls.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any annual leave during the first 12 weeks of your training as you will be undertaking your induction during this time. 

National Grid Electricity Distribution contributes to an occupational pension scheme, where the company will double match your pension contributions up to a maximum company contribution of 10% (12% from April 2023).