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Meet Bill

Read Bill's interview to see what he thinks about working with us at Western Power Distribution.

I started with Midlands Electricity Board in 1979.


Responsible for the safety and control of the company’s network.

I have always enjoyed working for the electricity industry - it’s unique.

Amongst the older staff there is a real sense of community and belonging that we can hopefully pass on to the younger generations.

Hard work and dedication it’s more a way of life than a job.

The opportunities are there if you want them and are prepared to put the work in.

There have been numerous high points at different stages of my (40 year) career, too many to single one out.

My biggest challenge was working on the infrastructure for Birmingham’s Brindley place. I was a new inexperienced Engineer and it was a very high profile project at the time.


Go for it you won’t regret it.