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Meet Rupert

Read Rupert's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

I wanted to work for a company that provides an important service that most people rely on. Being a large company, it provides a lot of opportunities for staff to progress and it is also rewarding knowing that the service that I provide makes a real difference to people.

My role is to take customer calls. This includes calls from customers suffering from a power cut, or reporting an emergency situation and also any manor of general enquiry calls. As well as taking inbound calls, we make a lot of outbound calls to customers. The purpose of these it to keep customers informed with up to date information during any power cuts, including the cause of the problem and the time we are hoping to have the power restored. We also contact our vulnerable customers to ensure that they are receiving any further help and assistance that they may need during the loss of power.

The best thing about working here is that I feel part of a strong and supportive team aiming to provide excellent customer service. Help and ongoing training is always available and you are made to feel valued for the work that you do.  Due to the nature of the job, we do not take work home with us, as we deals with the calls real time.

The culture is that if you work hard and are willing to keep learning, then you can achieve a lot.  I have some great friends at work and it is a really fun place to work. If you are willing to learn and lead by example, then you can get team leader training and become a back-up team leader. We have a ‘First Time Every Time’ culture when resolving customer queries.

To be successful then you need to be hard working, willing to go the extra mile to help customers and offer additional support in the Contact Centre during busy times. Taking constructive criticism and using is to learn and evolve in the job role.

Because this is such a big company, there are lots of opportunities to progress. The Contact Centre is an area of the business where you get to learn something about all the different areas of the company due to the variation in enquires we get from customers on the phone. This puts you in a good position when looking to progress into a Team Leader role, dispatch or with a local office.

Becoming a back-up team leader and spending a few weeks covering a team leader who had left the role for a period of time. I have also helped to train many new members of staff when they join the Contact Centre.

Running shift during storm conditions and very busy periods has been my greatest challenge. There is a lot of pressure to ensure that customers still have their calls answered quickly and are still given high standards of customer service at all times. Becoming a senior member of staff to peers who I normally work alongside. To overcome this, I have worked hard and always lead by example.

This is a great company to work for. You are trained well, supported every step of the way and have lots of opportunities to progress. If you work hard and are prepared to learn to allow yourself to progress then you can have a great career here.