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Meet Alaina

Read Alaina's interview to see what she thinks about working with us.

It was recommended to me by a family friend who had worked here for over 30 years. When a role came up that included writing for Powerlines, the Company magazine, which would mean I could use my University degree, I couldn’t believe it!

When writing stories for Powerlines I find the lead, follow up by interviewing the relevant person within the business, organize a photographer to attend the job and write up the story. I also monitor the social media pages for the company, so putting together posts and photos to publicise our messages is a big part of the job, while collating stats on what is working  the best. It can sometimes mean attending events where we have a stand. I also take calls from the media, so if there are power cuts or incidents and media outlets need detail, they come to us.

The people are so friendly. I’ve worked in other companies and it’s not been the same level of politeness as it is here!

I like how we put customer service at the forefront of everything we do. Peoples’ opinions as customers from outside of the company are always so positive. I would say it is professional, traditional and customer focused.

Someone who is willing to work hard and also work well within a team. Someone with a polite and professional manner when dealing with internal and external customers would help a great deal.

This is a great company for progression or for moving on to different roles within the company. There is never any issue, it’s even encouraged, when someone would like to try a different role.

Putting together our brand new Instagram page and seeing it build from scratch. It’s great to see that a company within our sector can flourish within a relatively new platform that is aimed at a younger audience. This is great for getting our messages and projects seen by a huge amount of people.

Learning the ropes in this role was a bit of a challenge as you have to write to company guidelines, but also know quite a bit about the business as a whole. Through training and spending the time to meet new people and generating conversations, plus interviews for the magazine, I have learnt a lot!

Don’t hesitate, do it! It’s a great company to work for with lots of great benefits, a friendly working atmosphere and plenty of opportunity.