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Meet Agata

Read Agata's interview to see what she thinks about working with us.

My friends who have worked here recommended it as a great place to work. The company has great performance records and employee benefits.

As a Database Administrator I build, maintain and support a variety of systems. We work with different tools and environments, making sure that our systems are running smoothly. Monitoring and checks are an import part of it, anticipating a problem is much easier than dealing with an actual service loss or security breach.

Friendly people and flexible hours are the things that I like about working here and you never stop learning.

It is a friendly environment with a lot of people who really care about what they’re doing. No blame culture, we focus on solutions instead.

Hard work, finding the thing you are good at.

There is always a lot to learn. You start with mandatory training and then you are introduced to each area. You work with other people and learn from them. You can always request training, we evolve all the time so you have always something new. There are some career progression opportunities.

I think my biggest achievement is being in the place where I am now, I’ve learned a lot, I have a lot more to learn but I am looking forward to it and I like my job.

IR is quite a busy environment and sometimes juggling your projects, support and resolving issues at the same time can be quite challenging. I think prioritizing is quite an important skill to have and communication with users and colleagues.

If you are a hard worker and you like to learn it is a great place for you