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Meet Janette

Read Janette's interview to see what she thinks about working with us.

When I joined just over a year ago, I was attracted to the company due to its strong reputation in the local area as a good employer.

The job description was appealing, in particular the way it described the role as supporting managers regionally and having the autonomy to work alongside the business to achieve an efficient ER service. The terms and conditions for the role also looked attractive in comparison to other jobs I was considering at the time.

My role has a lot of variety, where I manage the ER resource for Network Services Wales and its 1,200 staff. My role focus is to have a proactive approach to support my local managers. This involves the delivery of a comprehensive generalist Employee Relations service, providing managers with tactical Employee Relations support. On a daily basis I manage various different tasks, from absence management to occupational health referrals, and from managing disciplinary cases through to supporting the business with its apprentice intake.

The people that I work with! It is a very supportive and fair environment and one where staff/peers/managers have gone out of the way to help me.


Our culture is very much based around safety at work and the customers that we serve. As a company we pride ourselves on putting our customers first, both external and internal.

In my opinion a person who works for the company needs to be hard working, approachable and willing go the extra mile when needed.

The company supports with individuals learning and development needs, my own personal development needs have been fully supported by my manager. This has included attending CIPD courses and Employment Law seminars to ensure that I am able to provide current and up-to-date advice on a day to day basis.

It does provide various career progression opportunities across the business. For example, one of the Employee Relations Assistants within my team transferred on a secondment basis from our Social Media team and has now secured a permanent role within our team.

Building a strong local ER team with good team morale. We all work together very well and have a great team work ethic. As a team we have gelled well and have streamlined a lot of the local ER processes which has allowed us to work more efficiently.

Joining a new industry which is unionised has had its challenges. So has taking over from a successful long-standing member of staff with 40+ years in the industry and a strong reputation, but I have had their full support through the transition period to help overcome this.

I would recommend it to anyone and say that it really is a great company to work for. I have worked in a variety of other industries and sectors and I can honestly say that the company really go out of their way to look after their staff - I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year working for the company.