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Meet Nick

Read Nick's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

The opportunity to work for a leading edge electrical distribution company.

In my current role I expand and support all areas of the extensive data communication network used to route data from electrical substation country wide back to Control allowing them to monitor and control and electrical network.

The diversity of the role & the people you work with on a daily basis.

The culture is of hard working professionalism but critically with the ability to understand diversity throughout all staff, be that culturally, physically or mentally.

To listen & understand instruction, but also question instruction when required. To be comfortable with communicating with staff of all levels. To be able to both work both independently & within a team as needed.

Within the majority of roles there is the opportunity for development, be it technically or professionally within the company should an individual wish to put themselves forward.

I was particularly proud of commissioning the first operational satellite data communication link within the company allowing Control to remotely control a particular Substation which due to its geographic location meant it was unable to communication back via the normal methods. This data link utilised a geostationary satellite some 26,000 miles into space transmitting the signal up the satellite and back to a ground point where the substation data was then sent via ground based communication networks to our controlling systems.

Managing staff, be it as a project manager, or recently an apprentice mentor isn’t something which I was expecting to do in my technical career but over time and with experience I have become quite comfortable with this aspect of my role.

If you wish to join a solid, stable, large organization with many possible career avenues to explore I believe this company is a fantastic choice.