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Meet Craeg

Read Craeg's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

I originally started in the business with E.ON back in 2000 collecting debt for unpaid Gas and Electricity bills, throughout the years I have moved across the Credit Control Teams ending up with Central Networks prior to the purchase in 2011.

My role is to review is to review debt before we look to take legal action. This will mean checking we have correct contracts or in cases of cable damage reviewing the evidence to confirm we can prove who caused the damage. Also ensuring the correct correspondence has been sent out to the correct person.

My typical week / day is reviewing files prior to court action being issued or passed to Solicitors to confirm we can issue Court action. Responding to Orders received from the Court. If we are going to Court, taking witness statements from employees, submitting our evidence to Court so that it can be used at trial

Liaising with our external Solicitors on matters passed to them for recovery. Answering queries raised by them so they can proceed.

Liaising with Team Manager on disputes / queries received from Solicitors or customers


Working with great friendly people. The company provides good working conditions.



It is an employer that prides itself on Safety and working safely. The company expects high standards of customer service – treat customers how you would expect to be treated.

Someone who is prepared to put the work in, treat others respectfully and prepared to take constructive criticism. With the right attitude anything can be possible.

There is always opportunities to learn something new, even if you’ve been in the business for 20 years as the industry is changing so much at the minute. There are always a variety of vacancies available and for the person with the right attitude who wants to learn or progress the company will where possible make this happen.

Going to my first Court Hearing on my own…and winning. It’s a lot different to going with a colleague and not being the main focal point, but when everything rests on you the pressure is on!

Getting what knowledge is in my head out in words, particularly when I’m nervous. This usually leads me to talking quite fast and not explaining the facts very well, not ideal for a Court room. I now make better notes of the facts rather than having to remember everything putting less pressure on myself. I take a few more breaths and take my time when speaking.

It’s a great place to come and work with good pay. If you’re of the right attitude and mind set you can achieve as much as you want, on the flip side there is also no pressure if you don’t want to climb the progression ladder.