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Meet Bobby

Read Bobby's interview to see what he thinks about working with us. 

What attracted me most was to learn more about the how the electricity is distributed to our properties. As a child I have always found the Pylons fascinating and wanted to know more about them.

I’m currently a Team Co-coordinator for Records Team in New Supplies

My main duties involve distributing email jobs from all mail boxes for New Supplies, Street Lighting , CIRT, Connection  Surgeries.

The best thing I believe working here is progression, there are a lot of areas in the business where you gain experience and knowledge.

We have an excellent environment for all employees working across the whole business. Our company mission is to make sure all our customers who experience a power cuts are back on supply a quickly as we can.

You must be hardworking and willing to give it your 100% in what you do.

Take time out to visit different areas of the business to enhance you knowledge and have an understanding of the business I would say these are the key things to be successful.

We have a training school for apprentices who are keen to learn and understand the world of electricity this is one on the amazing things about the company.

Progression opportunities are great, I say this as I have had the opportunity work around the business working in 7 different departments which has given the experience and knowledge and a better understanding of the business. This has given me a chance to move on to better things.

I would say my biggest achievement to date is working for the Records Team as a Team Co-coordinator. As I started on the team as a Records Assistant I worked hard and always put myself forward to help the Team Co-coordinators when required.

My biggest challenge which I have come across was being unsuccessful in an interview. I had overcome this challenge by not quitting and keep aiming for the goals I want to achieve.

I was unsuccessful in one of my interviews with the company and went back and had some great feedback and when the opportunity came again I went in taking on board all the feedback given and giving it a 100% also visiting the department in my own time which I wanted to work for. This paid off for me and I was successful in my second interview.

If you are applying to work here this will be a great opportunity and a great start to the electricity world. If you are willing to learn and work hard the opportunities and progression will help you work your way up the ladder which is endless.