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Meet Emma

Read Emma's interview to see what she thinks about working with us. 

I started with Central Networks in the Electricity Supply Industry in 2008 via an agency and transitioned to the company taking on a variety of tasks working with very knowledgeable and interesting people. This developed my interest in the business and its career opportunities so I applied for a permanent role as soon as it was advertised.

No two days are the same. One day can be carrying out studies for new demand or generation connections, another can be spent meeting with Stakeholders to discuss and support economic growth. There are many challenges with the network that need to be met on a job by job basis, some connections will be straight forward whilst others will require constraints, reinforcement or alternative and innovative solutions.

The opportunities to learn and develop a wide variety of projects and new innovative solutions.

There is a lot of loyalty between colleagues offering their support, knowledge and experience freely. People are encouraged to take on tasks and see them through to the end with a high focus on achieving the best service for customers.

It is important to learn from the knowledge and experience of colleagues, get involved with new projects and take opportunities to develop your own skills. No two projects are the same so the ability to adapt and think outside the box is a key factor for progression.

I started my learning privately, with a lot of support from colleagues, to open up opportunities to move into Planning and Design. This enabled me to achieve my first planning role where the company provided an in depth training scheme focused around the role, this helped me to progress further to the position I hold now.

Completing a two year Electrical Engineering course at College whilst working towards the Planner and 11kV Planner role. Doing assignments at home with a young child was challenging but worth the effort.

Progressing my education in Electrical Engineering whilst learning a new and changing role as 11kV Planner. With long assignments to complete and vast changes within the company and regulations, there was a lot of knowledge to absorb. I overcame this by keeping organized and focused on the end result and accepting the support of colleagues.

Focus on your goals, be ready to adapt to changes and always ask the questions.