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Meet Mallory

Read Mallory's interview to see what she thinks about working with us.

I was unsure on what my main aim for a career would be and when I had a look into the different directions this company gives you I thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t take it! I really enjoy it here.

I work within the streetworks team liaising between the technicians, planners and team support with the councils in the East and West Midlands. I mainly answer queries for the Adhoc team which includes all of the major projects and stand-alone jobs. Within the role, we do reports for the contractors for opening and closing jobs, liase with the councils with getting works approved and review all the jobs we are putting forward to the council. I also raise manual jobs and a lot of major work schemes. This year I have been heavily involved with the HS2 works and planning these jobs has taken a lot of time to cause the least disruption but still get the quickest results.

Every day is different! I enjoy helping people and sorting queries out which does happen quite a lot. We deal with some people more than others and I do pride myself in the fact that a few of the planners and technicians come directly to me to help them with any problems they may have come across. I have made a lot of friends who I hope to stay in touch with even if we move on with our careers within the company as it is one big family.

Everyone who works here is so lovely and helpful. Here at Castle Donington we have a few different teams under different areas including records, the contact centre, control and dispatch. When we cross paths throughout the day, each one would make happily make you feel welcome! Our office has a very happy atmosphere and I am glad to be a part of it.

If you have a passion for helping others and making sure customer satisfaction is one of your high focuses then I think you can go far. A lot of the Team Managers and colleagues who have progressed up the ladder are all lovely helpful people who are always looking to make things easier and safer for our workers and customers. You have to have the focus of others to keep ahead which is apparent in the Team Managers/leaders.

I think one of the best things is that they are more than happy to help train you on the job. Coming from a finance background I was lucky that my managers could see that I was interested in the works we do and the care for satisfaction in customers. Colleagues are often encouraged to try new positions within the company which I think is great! In the streetworks team, we often find that colleagues who have previously worked in our team help show their new team things that will make their life and ours a lot easier! Sharing knowledge is a great thing and the company definitely encourages it.

I think coming into the streetworks team with little knowledge to begin with was difficult to get my head around. Starting any new job is always a little tricky, but coming from a different  background I felt like I had something to show. Now after being in this team for a while, I am confident enough to help new starters regarding query phone calls or processes on the system which I am really proud of. I always try and help others in my team if we have an influx in work and being able to offer my assistance is a wonderful thing.

I think swapping roles within the company was one of my biggest challenges. I used to work in the wayleaves team, drawing up new agreements and dealing with customers daily, however now in the streetworks team I deal more with internal staff, councils and checking on notices and permits. It was a bigger change than I thought it would be, and I doubted my skills, however working within a team who help and guide you, I soon got to grips and now offer my help to new starters in the same way the team helped me.

Once someone works within the company, it is very rare someone leaves all together. Most people will move around within different jobs roles. When you look at this and see how far people have gone, you can tell it’s a great place to work. I can’t imagine leaving and I definitely wouldn’t want anyone to pass up on an opportunity to work here!