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Meet Jake

Read Jake's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

The apprenticeship scheme and earning a salary instead of getting into debt at University.

I deal with all aspects of Health and Safety affecting our staff and contractors, mainly in our South West region. I spend time working out of all our locations in the South West. My role involves desk work and site work in equal measures. I am also responsible for a range of Policy documents and regularly write and review Policy.

I really enjoy working in different locations and working with different people providing advice and developing solutions to their problems. I like the fact that we get things done!

Generally I think people who work here are pleased to be doing so. People stay here for a long time, usually their entire careers.

Being driven and taking personal responsibility.

Being receptive and adaptable.

Being polite and professional.

There are a huge amount of routes into the company at all levels of the business and also opportunities for progression internally. Training and development is an important part of our business and if a person applies themselves the possibilities are limitless.

I started as an Electrical Fitting apprentice in 2004. I completed the apprenticeship scheme in two years and was awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2006. In 2007 I took a role as one of two Electrical Fitting training instructors at the company’s Taunton Training Centre. I spent nine years there and in this time I was involved in reforming the Apprenticeship program and responsible for the development of the company’s new Electrical Fitting training facilities. During the integration with Central Networks I was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Electrical Fitting training program and mentoring the Midlands trainers. When I left Training for Safety in 2016 we had six Electrical Fitting training instructors and provided the best training experience we have ever offered.

Proving to people that as a 22 year old training instructor with 3 years’ experience I could rise to the challenge. Overcoming this was achieved through hard work, self-motivation and perseverance and at the end of my 9 years’ service in Training I was the lead Electrical Fitting Trainer.

Go for it! But, don’t expect someone to hold your hand through the process, get up and get out there and make your own success.