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Meet Lee

Read Lee's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

I started in Midlands Electricity as an apprentice in 1980. Having been in the industry for some time and seen lots of change, the company philosophy of accountability at personal responsibility makes it a great place to work.

My teams look after safety, being responsible for safety policies and procedures and ensuring these are fit for purpose, whilst aligning to legislation when appropriate. The safety team also offer specialist advice to staff who require help with specific safety matters. 

My team also provide and deliver training programmers for all technical trainees from craft apprentice to graduate engineers. They also manage and monitor trainee development to ensure trainees are progressing in line with pre-set targets and schedules.

Not having to sit through endless committees to get things done, we agree a way forward get on and deliver what is needed.

We expect our people to be safe at work and accountable for their actions.

Be accountable for your actions and do what you commit to deliver.

We take external trainees from all academic entry points. Craft programmes (Cable Jointer/Overhead Linesperson or Electrical Fitter) require a minimum 5x C grade GCSE entry level including Maths and English. Trainee Engineers/Planning and Design Trainees enter with A levels in Maths and physics and after training become Technicians or specialists within the business . Graduates generally join the trainee programme as undergraduate summer placements and then take roles in the business when they graduate, these roles can lead to specialist areas within the business such as Projects Engineer, Protection Engineer or roles in innovation. 

The Apprentice and Trainee Engineer/Project Engineer roles include both hands on programmes at our training schools plus academic programmes leading to L2/3/4 or 5 technical qualifications, depending upon the programme. Graduates already have the academic skills so we develop their technical and business knowledge further with a structured development programme.

Becoming Safety and Training Manager.

Managing change is always a challenge, you need to understand the aims of the change and be open and honest with your people to take them with you through any change programme.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying to work here? 

The company offers careers for life, if you are prepared to work hard then you can achieve here. I started as an apprentice, I know run a part of the business that reports directly to the Chief Executive, so if you are career minded you can get on 

That said if you want to join a trainee programme and stay in the role for your whole career you can do that too.