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Meet Tony

Read Tony's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

I was transferred across as part of the Central Networks acquisition back in 2011.

I am appointed as a Team Manager for Kettering under the Leicester/Kettering DM area. I am responsible for a team of 41 staff and ensure they work safely and productively at all times. I monitor the team’s overall performance daily to ensure we are keeping on top of our objectives. I am also operational throughout the area, operating on the distribution network up to and including 33kV.

No two days are the same. I know it can be perceived as sad, but I love the daily challenges that the role brings. I like watching the team personally develop and grow, especially with the ever changing economic environment were in. I’m keen to see the development of the distribution network over the next few years, with the external pressures of providing renewable energy, and the influx of car charging.

We have a flexible, jovial culture within our team, but what I like best is we can have a laugh and a joke, but we can equally be serious and pull together, to meet customer demands, this could be a power cut, or an urgent new connection quote required.

Essentially anyone can progress here. You just need the right mental attitude and willingness to learn. Training and development opportunities are offered to everyone equally.

The company is very supportive to train and develop their staff to the highest levels of their potential. The unique, simplified staffing structure here opens doors to those individuals that want to progress their career.

I have two in my working career. Firstly obtaining full 33kV SAP operating status, another is being appointed as Team Manager.

Being appointed team manager of a new team within Leicester/Kettering has brought many different and complex challenges, from staffing issues, to implanting new team focus and initiatives.

I have been working within electricity distribution since starting my career at 16, as an overhead line apprentice with East Midlands Electricity. I find the sector to be a great business to work for, especially since the WPD acquisition in 2011.