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Meet Tony

Read Tony's interview to see what he thinks about working with us.

I was working for Central Networks as a Project Manager in Change and Development; I wanted to stay with the company at the time as I saw an opportunity to start a new career in something different as a Wayleave Specialist. Thankfully I managed to secure a position in my local office whilst working for Central Networks.  I had previously spent time researching the company and its approach to Customer Service and Stakeholder management, and how it managed to achieve its position in the DNO Ofgem league tables.


Working with technicians and planners in the design of new/refurbished network projects, securing legal agreements for assets from landowners and negotiating compensation payments for crop/livestock/land damage. I also liaise with a number of public and government/professional agencies such as Environment Agency, Natural England and local authorities.

The people. Everyone is part of the team and unlike in many other industries and companies, there is a feeling that we are not there to be in competition with one another but to help each other get the job and reinforce the strong customer service ethic of the company.

Colleagues have a collaborative approach when working together.

There is a real concern for the welfare of others in the team. (despite the banter!)

VERY strong Health and Safety consciousness.

Willingness to work hard.

Acknowledgment of safety being the #1 value in the company.

Working to ensure that maintaining power to the customer is the #1 priority.

Maintaining a positive approach to tasks and people they deal with at every level.

Professional on the job learning once a year and many around me are taking up training for specific tasks required by the company to maintain our positions in the top slots.

Being part of the design and rebuild of 3 x 33kV overhead/underground rebuilds stretching over 13km in each case.

Just do it. The company will always reward the right attitude and attention to detail and you will never look back. You will meet a wide mix of people both in the company and out on the network.

Whilst the company and the environment we work in will always be changing, the professional skills and culture you will pick up with the company as a best in class in the industry, means you can work anywhere in the world.